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suck balls
I do not know what kinda cold I've got misself, but it doesn't seem to be going anywhere quickly. I've got the nasal decongestants happening and followed them up with some antihistamines for good measure. Sometimes I wonder why we have so many orifices.

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I would answer that, but...

... having many orifices is what makes life fun? Sorry, that's the only logical conclusion to your sentence. :)

Aha, you found the polite way to answer the question! :) My engineering brain was struggling not to be crude.

(Deleted comment)
Well, that takes care of two of them.

sorry you are sick. :(

I'm getting much better now. :)

I was going to show my boobs, but now that you are all healed.....

Oh, I feel a sudden bout of increased sickness coming on...

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