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(no subject)
I recently spoke to my sister about various things, but mostly the trouble with our parents and their general unsociable natures. (Avid readers will recall that when I was between homes a coupla years ago I noted that they never went out and never had anyone over. This has been confirmed to be the norm.) I assumed that I was the only one of us not on the receiving end of their phone calls. Turns out Claire is in the same boat. I've been surveying people and I haven't come across anyone who speaks to their parents less than me. Can you do better/worse?

So it's with this sociability in mind that Claire has invited me up to spend Christmas with her in Castlemaine. This is great news! I won't be spending Christmas day with four old people! My parents, grandmother and uncle will have to entertain themselves without me!

I'm sure there's some kind of lesson in this for them. :)