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I spent the weekend playing card games and UpWords at Teh Pat. We sat on the porch (sans swinging chair) and ate toasted "rustic" bread rolls with magnificent toppings of savoury delight. How good was the weather? We were out there in t-shirts, yo! T-shirts! I'm feeling so ebonic right now and I don't know why. When that wasn't happening I was watching Community, Futurama and Wilfred. I give this weekend high marks.

Before that it'd been a busy week. Random beers with a friend and Tuesday followed by a magnificent midnight screenings of HP7.2 (heartily recommended) that killed me for Wednesday. Went on a date on Thursday night that 1) like all my first dates went for about five hours (I have a problem) and 2) I was totally going to tell you about katydidinoz but you weren't around. So... this totally makes us even for me not being around for your Melbourne trip, right?


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