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And so my Budapestian adventure comes to a close. It seems so long ago that it started and that so much has happened. Sure, it ended on a low note - with some guy bursting into the room at 4:15am, dropping change all over the floor, huffing and moaning before falling asleep with the most impressive snoring I've heard in a week, which set off a cascade of competing snoring from the other males in the room - but other than that I've only good things to say.

Unlike the other hostels I've stayed at, this one has a bit more of a party culture. I think it's a Budapestian thing. Every night our hosts would chaperone us out to any number of the local bars where we would test out the authenticity of the exceptionally cheap local beers and spirits until the early hours, generally meeting up with groups from other hostels. It was activities like this that caused me to lose about two days in which I would have sampled more of the historical attractions. Oh well.

The weather has been sensational. Maximums of about 30C every day, although it was a dry heat so it didn't feel that hot. This made the free walking tours I did really enjoyable. The Communist Walking Tour was particularly informative. The girls on the General Tour even took us out to a cheap lunch place. They were pretty good really. I hear that not everyone's experience of the locals has been as positive. Please note, dear readers, that at supermarkets you have to weigh and put the stickers on your fruit 'n' veg yourself. They may get narky at you, although my cashier took a liking to me and gave me some Garfield-branded cards "for your children". I thanked her.

Now, the locals do tend to stare. I really noticed this at the Turkish baths. I didn't know if it was because a) they'd never seen someone without a huge, overhanging stomach before b) the scratches my my back from some amorous activities were particularly visible or c) they just find tourists fascinating. It's said that the locals go to the baths once a week. I don't believe this for a second. I saw far, far too many old people there and very little of the youth. And they were not an attractive bunch. Old people have no shame, and there's a bit of a reinforcing nature when nobody else has any shame either. The only attractive people there were tourists. Maybe I was there at the wrong time...

Overall, I really enjoyed myself and would recommend you come visit.

Piccies: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150246832673475.367383.535023474&l=9131ac02fd

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