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(no subject)
I spent the weekend at my sister's in Castlemaine. The drive there was actually pretty sensational because of all the fog. I love fog, and I've always loved driving through it. I'd go so far as to recommend fog. I reckon visibility got down to about 200m, and me travelling at 110km/h. Nice. Also, my car has finally hit 4500km after 12 months. I am hardcore.

Castlemaine has been hit a bit by the floods. Plenty of businesses lost stock. Who knew that most things in any place can be ruined by one metre of water? The Sunday markets were a bit light on too, with many people obviously deciding that their time might be spent better elsewhere. A shame really, because it turned out to be a gorgeous day.

We wandered down to a local winery and were promptly taken on an impromptu tour of the facilities with a bunch of other people. We tasted many a cask, learned how they blended some of the wines for their gold label stuff and wondered whether we should be offended by his off-colour jokes. We chose not to be and scored free eggs from the chook shed out of it all. (We did later buy 14 bottles of wine though, so I think that was a risk that paid off.)

The trip home had less fog. I miss fog.