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(no subject)
The entirety of yesterday involved other people cooking for me. My fridge may be empty, but others' is not... or at least wasn't until after I left. For breakfastI had pancakes andfruit and these bacon/egg/pastry things at my aunt's. Then it was BBQ for the rest of the day with some friends. I ate so much, but they just kept BBQing. So much meat. Soooo much meat. But apparently that's what Australia Day is all about. I may never need to eat again.

I'm not doing so well with the whole booking tickets online thing. I can see why people rely on travel agents. They'd surely never misspell their own names. They'd not forget that you actually have luggage. (To be fair, the website was not particularly nice about that one.) They'd never book a flight that arrived at midnight. Today has not been a good brain day, and I hope both my brain and these bookings sort themselves.