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(no subject)
suck balls
Two negatives and a positive. Now, which order to put them in? Chronological? Most amusing? Most tragic? Melodramatically? I have it! We'll scale them!

My birthday present to myself arrived yesterday; a new camera lens of superb quality. If it weren't so incredibly hot today I'd go find somewhere to take some video with it, but damn it's been hot these past few days. I hear tomorrow has more reasonable temperature plans so I'll have to get out there before it rains.

Last night I went off to Moonlight Cinema. The guys in the projection booth should have been beaten with sticks. It was simply the most inept attempt at showing a film I've ever witnessed - and I've been to Malaysia! Also, I cannot recommend Wild Target. It's one of those British comedies in which nothing makes sense. Characterisation and motivation are not important. However, we did have a nice picnic dinner, and grapes are delicious.

My little (or not so little) emotional crush turned shut-down date has me questioning my own judgement. I'm feeling quite confused about myself and what it is that I can offer other people. What do I have? Looks? Well maybe, but apparently they're overrated. Intelligence? Sure. But if you're after some familiar emotional connection, there's the rub. There's just a big question mark over the entirety of me. So now I've got a nice veneer of self-deprecation happening, but it's rather slap-dash and cracks keep quite obviously appearing. Shut-down in 3... 2... 1...